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2014 An Event For The Elegant Bride

Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones

This years “An Event for the Elegant Bride” was a major success. Hundreds of brides and family member came though looking at everything from flowers to caterers. This year we had two booths. One for our fabulous flowers and one for our gifts and accessories. Rosetree carries gifts and accessories?

Our New Line of Gifts and Bridal Accessories

We now carry a full line of Jewelry from Touchstone Crystal. The whole line is made from beautiful Swarovski Crystals. Classy necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets for an elegant event like a wedding. Its the #1 rated cubic zirconia crystal on the market with near perfect clarity. There is also some great pieces that look great with casual wear. The best part is that almost half of the line is under $50 and almost every piece has a lifetime warranty. We gave out all out catalogs at the show but we now carry it in our shop. Check out some of the pictures below and next time your downtown come by Rosetree and check it out.

We also carry custom aprons. We had a couple at the show pictured below. Handmade to look like an apron, a dress or something else. There are so many options. We can make children’s aprons too. Whether your in the market for a new apron or you want to show someone you care with a gift, we can make what your looking for.

Our beautiful florals from the show

Every year we love to show off what we can do to make your wedding amazing. The two table bouquets and bridal bouquet were made with coral peonies, quicksand garden roses, sweet william, veronica and native grasses.

There was also large urns with pampas grass. All under a beautiful iron arbor. By the way, we rent out that arbor for weddings and events. See the pictures below.

The Event

There were over forty vendors at the show. I had to make my rounds to try out some of the amazing food and desserts that were sampled. Here are some pictures from around the event.

The Fashion Show

The fashion show was sponsored by Georgio's Bridal. There were amazing wedding attire showed off by some very beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen.

A big thanks to Pendley's Party Productions for putting together such an amazing bridal show. There is so much hard work that goes into putting together an event like this.

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Dallas Rooftop Styled Shoot

With a view of the Dallas skyline and sunset as a wedding backdrop, you'd never know this shoot took place on the empty rooftop of a Dallas parking garage. Beauty can be found and Incorporated anywhere.

Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones

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Our New and Updated Website

We have just launched our new and updated website with some great new features. We have a new shopping cart. A fully redesigned blog with options like view by color pallet or vendor. Best of all, you should see a big increase in speed as you navigate our new website!!!

Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones