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Dallas Rooftop Styled Shoot

With a view of the Dallas skyline and sunset as a wedding backdrop, you'd never know this shoot took place on the empty rooftop of a Dallas parking garage. Beauty can be found and Incorporated anywhere.

Everyone wants their wedding to be special. For someone looking for an urban or industrial upscale feel, why not look into having your wedding or event somewhere unconventional?

With mixed metals like gold, copper and silver and pops of white and greenery this rooftop was turned into an urban yet elegant scene.

The details captured here by Angel Owens are hard to miss. From the simple style of the wedding cake with gold flake and the gorgeous laid back lounge area, to the greenery climbing up the cement columns, this setup definitely holds the feel of an elegant industrial scene that makes for a perfect ceremony location.

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Our New and Updated Website

We have just launched our new and updated website with some great new features. We have a new shopping cart. A fully redesigned blog with options like view by color pallet or vendor. Best of all, you should see a big increase in speed as you navigate our new website!!!

Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones

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Cinderella Styled Shoot

With the new Disney Live Action Cinderella Movie, Kasper Creations Photography thought would be great to do a Cinderella Wedding Styled Shoot. There were so many great vendors that participated and we loved how it turned.

Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones